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15 October 2019Exhibition Road area Walk with a TAS Lecturer
30 January 2020Benjamin Franklin House
23 March 2020Fishmongers Hall

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Exhibition Road area Walk with a TAS Lecturer
Tuesday 15 October 2019


Tuesday October 15th at 2pm (Please note change of date from your Membership card)

Kensington is home to some fabulous and fascinating architecture. On this walk we’ll discover more about the buildings and landmarks which make up one of the most affluent areas of London. Focusing on Exhibition Road, we’ll take in the educational and cultural sites of Albertopolis including the world famous Natural History Museum.

The walk lasts 2 hours and will be led by a TAS Lecturer.

Meet outside South Kensington tube station (Old Brompton Road side) at 2pm

For this walk the Guide will be using Whisper Audio devices, You will be given a lightweight listening device which can be worn around the neck with a disposable earpiece which allows everyone in the party to clearly hear the guide.

Tickets £10


Banner Illustration:  Canaletto The Porta Portello Padua, Open access image Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington