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22 February 2019Tour of the Europe Galleries at the V & A Museum
08 November 2018'Thinking about Architecture'
23 February 2018Guided Tours of the V & A Glass Gallery
23 November 2017Lawrence of Arabia: Tortured Hero of Troubled Times

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Tour of the Europe Galleries at the V & A Museum Anne Haworth Friday 22 February 2019

Visit to the V&A Galleries 'Europe 1600-1815'

 The chronological narrative of Europe from the golden age of the Baroque to the allied victory over Napoleon is told in a series of sumptuous galleries and a range of works of art from paintings to silver, ceramics, furniture, musical instruments, sculpture, textiles and three rare and atmospheric period rooms. The displays begin with dramatic sculpture by the renowned artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini during Italy's Counter-Reformation and continues through the mercantile and missionary enterprises between Spain, Portugal and their colonies and the trade in exotic works of art and tea brought from the East by the Dutch East India Company. The galleries emphasise the court culture of Versailles under King Louis XIV and the evolution of luxury commodities and magnificence before moving on to the intellectual pursuits of the French salon and examples of exquisite craftsmanship from the artisans of 18th century Paris. In 1882, the museum received an impressive bequest of mainly French furniture and porcelain from the Victorian military tailor and businessman John Jones, whose portrait bust is on display in the galleries.

There will be 2 Tours, at 11.00am and 2.00pm.  Tickets £12.00 available from the November lecture.

Banner Illustration:  Claude Monet Sainte-Adresse, Open access image Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington