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28 February 2020The British Galleries at the V&A, Part 1
14 November 2019Adventures in Sculpture
22 February 2019Tour of the Europe Galleries at the V & A Museum
08 November 2018'Thinking about Architecture'
23 February 2018Guided Tours of the V & A Glass Gallery
23 November 2017Lawrence of Arabia: Tortured Hero of Troubled Times

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The British Galleries at the V&A, Part 1 Ann Haworth Friday 28 February 2020

The V&A Museum in London houses the world's most important collection of British art and design from the reign of Henry VII to the closing years of Queen Victoria's reign, displayed there in the British Galleries. The story of Britain's cultural and social landscape during those centuries of profound change is related chronologically on two floors of the museum within fifteen magnificent galleries and includes works of art associated with kings and queens, paintings, furniture, ceramics, metalwork,  textiles and period rooms.

 Our first visit to the British Galleries will comprise the period from the dawn of the Tudor Dynasty to the reign of King George III. We will view Important works of art including Henry VIII's writing box, the Howard Grace cup, once owned by Catherine of Aragon, the Great Bed of Ware, Mary Queen of Scots' embroideries, fine Georgian ceramics, silver and glass and also three period rooms from 17th  and 18th Century London. We will look at  changing social customs in dress and the furnishing of interiors including the introduction of tea-drinking. 

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Banner Illustration:  Claude Monet Sainte-Adresse, Open access image Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington