Young Arts 2019

The name of this year’s Young Arts Project is ’24 hours in a Beckenham Garden’. 

Inspiration for the project came from the work of Robert MacFarlane and Jackie Morris in their book Lost Words supported by an exhibition of their work at the Foundling Museum:

‘Words began to vanish from the language of children.  They disappeared so quietly that at first almost no-one noticed – until one day, they were gone’.

Children had difficulty naming the birds in the garden but could faultlessly name the Pokemon characters.

A group of students from Alexandra Junior School, Cator Road, Beckenham worked with Dr Smyth EdD, FRSA to produce poetry and artworks on the theme of a day in a Beckenham Garden.  Their work was collated in an illustrated book in the style of ‘Lost Words”.

The project commenced in January with planning and student selection, there were workshops in the school during June 2019.  At our July lecture, a group of students attended and gave a presentation on the project, which can be viewed HERE.  Our members were very impressed with the quality of the work produced and the presentation given to us.  A lovely book "24 Hours in a Beckenham Garden" containing poems, artwork and prints produced by the students, has been produced (see illustration).   Anyone interested in obtaining a copy should contact the school direct.  

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We are very grateful to all the head teachers, staff, pupils and parents for allowing us to display the art work on our website.

Banner Illustration: Guillaumin Bridge of Louis Phillipe  , Open access image Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington