Heritage Volunteering

New opportunity to volunteer at the Palace of Westminster - please click HERE for details

For anyone who has a few spare hours,  Heritage Volunteering can be very rewarding.   There are many museums and galleries in and around London who need people.   They are welcoming and grateful, offering perks for any help given by people with just a little free time on their hands.

Retirement these days is a wonderful opportunity to expand interests, skills and friendships in this way.

Each museum or gallery needs different amounts of time from a few hours a month or week to a more regular weekly commitment and the work involved varies from such things as room stewarding, guiding, meeting and greeting, to archive and conservation work.   So all skills are catered for.  Heritage Volunteers save galleries and museums about £5m per year by contributing around 300,000 hours!

Our Heritage Volunteer Manager, Glenys Crane, is available in the Small Hall before our Lectures.   She will be able to tell you about the work in all the institutions such as the Household Cavalry, Garden Museum at Lambeth Palace, Leighton House, Dickens Museum, Sir John Soanes Museum and many more. Or Click HERE for a form to Contact Us to enquire about Heritage Volunteering.


I have only recently come into volunteering and have to say I wish I had become involved much earlier.   I can really recommend it to anyone who can spare a few hours once a month or more.   To me it has opened up a whole new experience in my life.   I am amazed at my colleagues’ knowledge of art and artists and am learning something new from them at each session.”   Jo, recent volunteer.



Banner Illustration: Guillaumin Bridge of Louis Phillipe  , Open access image Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington