The Arts Society Beckenham

The Arts Society Beckenham is a social group which provides access to a wide range of artistic experiences through its morning lectures, study days and cultural visits and tours. 

·      Enjoy outstanding Expert lectures on a huge variety of artistic and cultural subjects

·       Cultural day visits and UK and Foreign short tours

·       In depth Study sessions

·       Social Events

·       Opportunities to volunteer in prestigious London galleries and museums

·       Support local Young Arts projects

 Our annual programme of 10 morning lectures are given by The Arts Society approved lecturers and cover a wide variety of cultural subjects, from classical and modern art and architecture, textiles, ceramics, glass, art in a historical and cultural context, and so much more. Click the Lectures tab above to see details of our current lecture programme.

Throughout the year we organise cultural visits, study meetings, tours and social events.  A part of our role in Beckenham is to encourage an interest in the decorative and fine arts, and we contribute to arts projects in our local schools via our Young Arts projects.  We are also actively involved in Heritage conservation, and offer opportunities to volunteer in a wide range of London museums and galleries. 

We meet at the Public Halls in Beckenham, normally on the first Thursday of the month, with no meetings in January and August -  more information about where and when we meet is HERE  

We welcome new members.   For information on how to join, please click HERE    

The Arts Society Beckenham (previously Beckenham Decorative and Fine Arts Society) is one of 3 societies in the London Borough of Bromley, the others being Bromley and North Kent.  Beckenham is also a member of  The Arts Society Greater London Area who run a comprehensive range of courses and other events throughout the year.

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Main Illustration: St George's Church Beckenham, R.E. Dawes, credit Bromley Historic Collections

Other Banner illustrations used are courtesy of Bromley Historic Collectons or open access images courtesy of National Gallery of Art Washington

Next Lecture 03 October, Through a Glass Darkly : a history of Glass through the Eyes of the Artist, Jane Gardiner

Visitors are welcome to attend our Lectures - visitors' fee £5.  Lectures start at 10.30am with light refreshments available from 9.45am, and take place in Beckenham Public Hall at 4 Bromley Road, Beckenham, BR3 5JE

Bromley Council have let the small hall on a daily basis and with very little notice we shall no longer have access to it for a coffee and chat with friends before the lecture.  We are hoping that we shall be able to serve coffee in the main hall from next month but have been unable to get clarification about this before the meeting.  The Committee hope that all will be well but meanwhile please bear with us whilst this situation is resolved