The Arts Society Beckenham

(Formerly Beckenham Decorative and Fine Arts Society)

The Arts Society Beckenham provides residents of Beckenham and the surrounding area with access to a wide range of artistic experiences through its morning lectures, study days and cultural visits and tours.  

Beckenham Decorative and Fine Arts Society was established in 1979 as the hundredth society of The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts, NADFAS.  In May 2017 NADFAS re-branded as The Arts Society and BDFAS as The Arts Society Beckenham.

Our annual programme of 10 morning lectures are given by The Arts Society approved lecturers; there are no lectures in August or January.  Click on the Lectures tab for information on forthcoming lectures.

Throughout the year the Society organises cultural visits, study meetings, tours and social events.  For more information about these click on the links above.

A part of our role in Beckenham is to encourage an interest in the decorative and fine arts, and we contribute to arts projects in our local schools via our Young Arts projects.

We are also actively involved in conservation, and details of the contributions we make can be found on the volunteering page.

For information about where we meet and how to become a member click on the relevant item above.

Beckenham is a member of the The Arts Society Greater London Area and is one of 3 societies in the London Borough of Bromley, the others being Bromley and North Kent.   The Arts Society Greater London Area runs a comprehensive range of courses and other events throughout the year so it is worth visiting their site by clicking HERE to find out more about the GLA’s programmes of events.

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Main Illustration: St George's Church Beckenham, R.E. Dawes, credit Bromley Historic Collections

Other Banner illustrations used are courtesy of Bromley Historic Collectons or open access images courtesy of National Gallery of Art Washington

Next lecture - Knights in the Sky:  Chivalry, Art and Reality during the Great War, on 1 November

You can view the 2018 Treasurer's Report and Accounts HERE

GREAT FIRE WALK on October 17th - Members may now buy tickets for non members